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Final photos of this latest project!

The wall paintings were commissioned to celebrate the first birthday of Voltaire Champagne Bar and Cigar Terrace in Blackfriars, London.

The commission was for four character portraits, two depicting eighteenth-century French philosopher Voltaire, and two of his contemporaries, the Thinker (Jean-Baptiste le Rond d’Alembert) and the Aristocrat (Marquis de Condorcet).

All painted freehand over 26 hours on site in the bar over two days.

Emma Semmens

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reruum asked: hi, i randondly found your tumblr and you have really good things! but what catch my eye was the fact that you are or were in camberwell i really want to go next year! but i have a few questions, it was complicated to enter? how is the ambient in the university ? it's to much pressure? sorry about so many questions but im really interested in knowing everything thing, thank you :3


hi, Thanks! very kind.

i didn’t take the conventional route to apply because i did the foundation course there before. But from what i learnt from friends, it’s a simple case of a portfolio review and an interview.

the college itself is small, intimate, with great resources and a great sense of community. 

yes, at times there will be pressure, especially in your 3rd year, but you are always encouraged (in particular on the GD course) to explore your creativity, collaborate and be yourself

there are always lots of opportunities to take part in, the tutors are brilliant as are the lectures and briefs set by them

you’d be going to one of the best art schools in the country if you do decide to go

hope that helps!

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I was a pigeon in my former life, or else I will be in my next one.

I was a pigeon in my former life, or else I will be in my next one.

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